Ban marine mammals from being transported to “Sea Sanctuaries”

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Animal Activists want Seaworld and Aquariums to transport their cetaceans to “Sea Sanctuaries.” “Sea Sanctuaries” are a form of torture for cetaceans born under human care. They are not adapted to the ocean they are adapted to the habitats that Seaworld has provided them. Nearly 85% of cetaceans in the United States were born in human care. About 15% of them were either rescued or taken from the wild and put into human care decades ago. Cetaceans under human care have very weak immune systems. They are living in filtered water 24/7. There is very little or no disese or germs in those habitats. “Sea Sanctuaries” will not allow their water to be filtered so there will be germs, disease, and even pollution in the area. The animals will also be stressed due to the fact they are in a new environment that they have never adapted too. Somethings that can stress them are temperature changes which will happen constantly, pollution, nets, and much more. Please do the right thing and ban animals in the United States from being transported to “Sea Sanctuaries.”