Stop animals abuse in waterparks

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Animals are suffering in waterparks all around the world, they are keeped without food for days until they do the show, they are druged to calm them down from years and years swiming in a small tank without food, burned by the sun light, with their eyes burning because of the chlorine, the mothers are separeted of their sons that are sold for other parks, dolphins are dying because they are mistreated every day, that's the same for seals and penguins and other wales. And the parks are doing nothing they are only lying to us, we need to stop this! Those wales live two times more time outside the aquariums, those animals are not products that are bought, used and throwed away when they are not working any more, they are living beings and they have felings and they feel pain as well! This is the most absurd thing to do to an animal, and they hide it, and they make profit with it, and we unfortunetly can't see, is wright in front of us but we can't see! So please help them! Sign this petition!