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Free Tilikum

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It's unethical to keep captive a creature that most likely is smarted than us and to push him to perform for people just to be able to get some interaction. Orcas are very social animals and need, just as we, to be able to be part of a society. Tilikum's family was taken away from him, but even under these circumstances, he showed the willingness and good will to befriend people. These people turned out not to have his best interest at heart. Even as caring and loving as they were, they were there just to perpetuate his captivity. I think that his lashing out is a last attempt at survival. He is so lonely and sad. He is not happy at SeaWorld even with your high tech veterinary care and expert trainers.
SeaWorld Executives: Imagine the possibilities! Set Tilikum with a tracking devise and a team to keep up with his movements. Have a 24 hour web site for audiences at large to monitor his progress. Wouldn't it be incredible to see his dorsal fin straighten and his love of life return? You would be heroes! And I would be your biggest fan!

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