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Starting the 4th Quarter of every home game with Macklemore's Can't Hold Us

Why is this important? It isn't. It is in no way important, significant, meaningful and in fact, in the light of man's latest inhumanity to man, it is probably a totally self indulgent waste of time.

However, as my 10 year old daugter informs me all the time, it would be  TOTALLY EPIC.  And for that alone it is worth the time it takes for you to sign (you can never have a world with too much EPIC in it).

First of all, this is not my idea. Russell Wilson tweeted this out about three weeks ago. That should settle the thing right there. If RDub says jump we only get to ask "hoops or fire". Amiright?

But there is more.  Not only is Macklemore the ultimate Seattle homer (see but the lyrics and music are the perfect way to start a 4th Quarter and put the fear of God into the opponent. Imagine 67,000 people chanting in unison the refrain:

And so we put our hands up
And so we put our hands up

Wa oh oh oh wa oh oh oh wa oh oh

Let's go!


And then picture the back and forth of:


Na na na na na na na na (aha)
And all my people say

Na na na na na na na na (that's right, feels good)
And all my people say





Go 'Hawks

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