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Seahawks: Get Kaepernick as a backup. Standing up for basic rights isn't wrong!

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Seattle has a rich history of innovation and leadership that dates back well over a century ago. Birthing industry leaders, from Weyerhaeuser to Nordstroms, from Boeing to Starbucks from Microsoft to Amazon, that's now pushing Seattle to becoming the epicenter of the tech revolution.  What makes Seattle such a gem? Is the encouraging, supportive and genuinely welcoming nature of the people that have built and are shaping  this city. Sure we'll have discrimination sexism and homophobia in any society. But the heart that pumps the blood through this city, and the peoples relentless drive to always improve, make a change, and fight for whats right is the secret sauce to what makes this city a rare gem. The position the NFL and the owners are taking on leaving Kaepernick hanging in the balance is and will be the destruction of American values period! do not and will not stand for my daughter to grow up questioning why a man who stood up for his principles is being punished/ black listed while men who abuse women are being rewarded. Everyone's actions have consequences and ones physical attributes or 40 time does not give them a golden pass and free passage. And please do not make this an issue about money we have enough billionaires in this city to eradicate global poverty!! If your PR and marketing departments need help turning this move into a win call me I'll do it free of charge! I call for all the citizens of Seattle old and new to stand together and welcome Mr. Kaepernick. SEATTLE STRONG!!!

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