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Seattle School Superintendent Jose Banda, and Seattle School Board: Reinstate Courageous Conversations About Race class & teacher Jon Greenberg

High School students need to be able to talk frankly and honestly about race relations if we are to survive and thrive as a multicultural society. The Seattle School District pays lip service to this ideal, but its actions in canceling a student-loved and educator-admired class, "Courageous Conversations About Race", and in punitively transferring the teacher, Jon Greenberg - chills the academic freedom of all Seattle public school teachers. Worse yet, it sends the message to the students that cowardice beats courage, and that in the real world race relations and other serious issues should be papered over with hypocritical platitudes. Sample comments from among the many students, teachers and parents who spoke out, but were ignored, at a recent School Board hearing:

" I am a teacher and he is a superb teacher who should be celebrated. Teachers went through the Courageous Conversations training years back, Greenberg took it seriously and developed it for his class. We were told to speak our truth and that it would be uncomfortable. That's the point."

" Greenberg's curriculum is a vital part of my son's education. We have observed profound growth in my son and the safe environment of a trusted teacher. Mr. Greenberg keeps the class upbeat despite the tough subject. He brought in guest teachers, took the students to City Hall and inspires them."

"His class taught me to speak out. This curriculum allowed us to talk about race safely and he has mastered that ability in this class."

"I look at the world differently every day because of this class. Mr. Greenberg gave me confidence. I learned from him AND my peers."

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