Add a School to Fort Lawton Re-development plans

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Add a School to Fort Lawton Re-development plans

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The City of Seattle recently announced plans for the Fort Lawton re-development project in Magnolia.  The proposal includes the following four alternatives:

  • Alternative 1: Mixed Income Affordable Housing and Public Park Uses 
  • Alternative 2: Market Rate Housing Onsite & Affordable Housing Offsite 
  • Alternative 3: Public Park Onsite: Affordable Housing Offsite 
  • Alternative 4: No Action 

These four alternatives do not recognize the current and exacerbating school capacity challenges that we are facing at the elementary, middle and high school levels. 

This petition is asking for the City of Seattle/Seattle City Council to direct the Office of Housing to partner with the Seattle Public Schools to create a fifth alternative that assesses the impact of a school along and additional park space. 

We promote the importance of including contiguous green space to sustain and promote wildlife in this critical habitat.

The best aspect of this plan is that the property can be transferred to the district through the federal government at NO COST! 

This alternative re-development plan must be added prior to the Environmental Impact Study or else it will not be considered. 

If you support this proposal, please sign our petition and send an email to city council members and school board directors to emphasize the need to have forward-thinking capacity planning and to ensure that a school will be on the Environmental Impact Statement for this Fort Lawton property.

We have delivered this petition to the city council and school district with a specific request to add a high school to the alternatives for the redevelopment of Fort Lawton.  We have several school board members and city council members who have had a very positive response to our proposal.  We hope to demonstrate the unification of our community to support the needs of our students in the Seattle Public Schools; many have been quietly advocating for a school at this location for years, the time of action is now.  

To learn more  about the scope of the redevelopment plan and ideas, please follow these links:

This petition has been delivered to the office of housing and all city council members to demonstrate our unified call to reconsider the current plans.

If you would like to join our committee or receive information please email us at


The Fort Lawton School Coalition

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This petition had 1,479 supporters

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