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Support North Ballard students attending Ballard High School again.

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Currently students north of 85th street are assigned to Ingraham High School. Seattle Public schools is proposing to redraw the high school boundaries and allow students north of 85th to attend Ballard High School again (thanks to the opening of a new high school in Wallingford for Magnolia & QA students) but families in Magnolia are trying to fight this change.

We want to show SPS that North Ballard Parents support our North Ballard students attending Ballard High School. We know our busy parents can't always attend SPS meetings or send emails so we created this petition to show North Ballard Parents support the proposed changes. Please show your support by signing our petition. 


  • Incorporating Crown Hill & North Beach neighborhoods back into the Ballard High School keeps kids from elementary & middle schools together with their classmates 
  • Students in our area are separated from friends they play sports with & attend extracurricular classes with due to the boundary along 85th, the SPS recommended change would fix this
  • Ballard High School is the closest high school for our neighborhood. Students can safely and easily bus, bike or walk to school (not currently the case with being assigned Ingraham which requires two metro buses & a transfer on Aurora Avenue to get to Ingraham from our neighborhood)
  • When asked, SPS said they do not anticipate offering district buses for students assigned to Ingraham, but would give them metro cards. Unfortunately, NO metro bus from our neighborhood goes to Ingraham. Kids would have to take a minimum of two buses or walk 2 miles
  • Transferring metro buses to reach Ingraham requires students to wait at stops along Aurora Avenue that are not the safest.
  • This lengthy commute can interfere with student sleep, safety, academics, and participation in sports and other activities
  • Crown Hill & North Beach support the community around BHS, but our children are forced to a school further north because of students from Queen Anne & Magnolia

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