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Another Parent's Story - Help Bring Change

Please share this petition, and ensure this upcoming school year is safer for our students. Zero tolerance for sexual harassment and sexual assault in our schools. [] Our daughter took french her junior year planning to take it again her senior year to meet college admission requirements. However, French was cancelled for her senior year. She was told to go to another school for french class each day or to take a night class at a Community College. The story was that they had to either cancel a security person, the school nurse or french class to make the budget year. The following year they hired a special spanish teacher who held a class for THREE school athletes who needed to pass spanish to continue their athletic career in college. It is difficult for me to put my anger and frustration into words. I would guess that those who give the school high ratings are either athletes, or AP students. If you're not one of these two things, you are 100% off Ted Howard's radar. During freshman year our daughter was sexually harassed by another student. Over and over he would get her up against a wall and put a hand on either side of her then harass her to go out with him, and try to make her kiss him before she could walk into the classroom. She had no luck going to administration so we, her parents, stepped in. Finally got an in school restraining order against him and guess what. The next quarter she was placed in a class with him and nothing could/would be done to change this. Senior year a student wrote a pornographic poem about our daughter, put it on his twitter, and it was all over the school within days. Students were showing it to our daughter, She was humiliated and afraid to go to school. We sent eight e mails to the administrator in charge with no response. I finally contacted the school board and lo and behold the administrator got in touch with us. She arranged a meeting with our daughter, my husband and I, the student who wrote the poem, and his mother. During the entire meeting the administrator kept making statements to cover her own behind. Things about going through the correct channels, she had planned on getting back to us etc. etc. The parents ultimately worked out a plan to help solve the problem. The boy apologized, the parent of the boy and my husband and I explained to him why/how he had hurt our daughter. We made a plan for going forward.....all without an iota of input from the administrator. She did not care a bit about the students. Just covering her own backside since I had contacted the school board. I will stop for now but oh the stories I could tell. A fine, fine school indeed!

Garfield HS Community
7 years ago