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Stop allowing pornography to be watched on public library computers.

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At a recent visit to the Seattle Public Library I was subjected to the image of a man watching a woman being physically and sexually degraded on the screen of a public library computer. After speaking with the man and a librarian I was told that it was his "intellectual right" to watch porn on the public computers. The rest of the day I was assaulted by the image I had seen on his screen. His "right" to watch porn on public computers comes at the expense of other people's right to be free from having to witness the blatant racist and misogynist degradation of women in public spaces. This computer was in perfect viewing area for all patrons- women, children, and men. 

Countless women and children are harmed by porn everyday. People are continuously being conscripted into the billion dollar industry. Poverty, homelessness, histories of abuse, sexism, racism, heterosexism and more are used against individuals everyday to coerce them into an industry that asks that certain classes of people be made available for the unlimited sexual entertainment of others. 

I ask that the Seattle Public Library make it their policy to disallow the use of public computers for the purpose of viewing pornography. 


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