Petition for the Federal Government to recognize the Chinook and Duwamish as Native Tribes

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For years, members of the Chinook and Duwamish tribes have been continually denied federal recognition under the eyes of the United States Government. These Native tribes are located in the heart of the city of Seattle (Duwamish) as well as along the coast of Washington and Oregon (Chinook). Please sign this petition to show allegiance to the Pacific Northwest Natives as they continue their fight for indigenous rights in Washington state. For more information, please view the documentary "Promised Land" available for purchase on their website. 

"The film is about federal recognition, yes, but on a deeper level it’s about how to be an Indian in the modern world, how to fight even if you’re an elderly lady or a terminally ill man, how to take joy from the fight because of the friends you make, and most importantly, how to face death bravely and with honor, recognizing it as a transition and not an end. The U.S. will someday crumble into dust and be forgotten like all other empires. But cultures like the Chinook and the Duwamish will endure indefinitely, as long as there are those who love their ancestors and honor them with good work."

- Indian Country Today