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Seattle City Council: Send Woodland Park Elephants to Sanctuary

They have given to the City and Nation and deserve to be retired. They are ailing in the cold in confined space. It is time to let the "cash cows" go. Let them live their remaining days without spectacle, abuse, boredom and loneliness.

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Send Woodland Park Elephants to Sanctuary

Seattle City Council,

Seattle has made some groundbreaking statements in this last election.
We are the new "bell weather" of the nation.
Our Elephants have suffered long enough. We have used them and gained from them money...That is all.. money.
I do not know many who know the real story of their lives; the zoo does NOT educate people.
They are spectacles and cash breeders for the zoo.
Their living conditions are deplorable.
Their social lives are unacceptable.
The abuse can't be allowed anymore by a city so forward thinking.
Please, let go the money and send them to sanctuary.
They have earned it, they need it.
Do we want another elephant dying on a concrete floor?
You know the shame that will fall on you and this entire city.
Let them go.

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