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The Monson Income Tax on City of Seattle Seattle Employees Plan

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The inspiration for this petition was inspired by radio host Dori Monson's greatest idea, which can be heard by using the link below:

The City of Seattle wants to implement a per head tax on companies and implement an (illegal) income tax on Seattle residents to help address the homeless issue.  This is a job killing plan and will change the economic path of our city, while not addressing the homeless issue.

The City of Seattle has 4679 employees that make over $100k a year, 726 employees making $150k and 97 employees making $200k

We are asking the City of Seattle Counsel to pilot their tax plan on the City of Seattle themselves before implementing on the general public.

As the Council would say: "It's the least they can do" when talking about business and as the saying goes “Charity starts at home”. The best part is that this tax would not touch the bottom 65% of City Employees which make under $100k.

We would like to see City Employees making $100k pay a 5% tax, City Employees making $150k pay a 7.5% tax, and City Employees making $200k+ pay a 10% tax.  We would also like to see the City pay $100 per employee.  This will raise $34,502,500 per year which will address the homeless issue.

We would like to see Government give back to Government!

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