He has repeatedly violated the constitution and his oath. He must be arrested before he completely destroys our country. What he has done to our country is considered treason.

Letter to
Seargent at Arms Paul D. Irving
Whereas the President has illegally inserted “executive privilege” to prevent documents that hold the truth from being read and statements verified
Whereas the President has illegally inserted and threatened to insert executive orders to bypass the laws set up by congress
Whereas the President has illegally allowed undocumented immigrants to live in the United States and receive government funds
Whereas the President has illegally spied on journalists violating their protection guaranteed by the constitution.
Whereas the President has shared confidential information causing the death of navy seals
Whereas the President attended a hollywood fundraiser while a U.S. Embassy was under attack
Whereas the President has shut down privately owned memorials and museums for his political agenda
Whereas the President says we have no money, yet is paying to shut down and guard aforementioned memorials and museums
Whereas the President did not discourage the gestapo like tactics used to shut down the aforementioned memorials and museums
Whereas the President allows and funds the murdering of innocent babies by abortion
Whereas the President has not passed a budget in the past five years
Whereas the President disregards D.O.M.A and illegally allows homosexuals to marry and have benefits:
Whereas the President refuses to pay benefits to soldiers' families
Whereas the President refuses to continue funding to help cure ill people such as kids with cancer
Whereas the President does not know how to properly conduct himself during the national anthem, saluting soldiers etc.
Whereas the President is holding We the People hostage in an attempt to force us to do what he wants
Whereas the President threatened to arrest priests and pastors for ministering to soldiers during government shutdown
Whereas the President is allowing the release of criminal illegal aliens into the general public,
Whereas the President has released the names of navy seals and a CIA agent, causing death and danger to these men,
Whereas the President has traded five known terrorists for a traitor without the approval of congress,
Whereas the President Bypassed congress, to give financial aid to muslim countries who hate America,
Whereas the President instituted a flight boycott on our most important ally Israel:
Whereas the President repeatedly puts American lives at risk while dealing with a deadly virus
Whereas the President's release of five gitmo terrorists directly benefited and aided the ISIS terrorist
We the People request that the President be Arrested and charged with High Treason for the acts committed.We demand that he receive capital punishment and that he not be allowed to live. We care not about any threat to our lives or to the lives of our families. We sign this as a testimony to the duty we have to faithfully protect and defend the founding principles and documents written by our founding fathers, which the current President disregards, and to ensure a life of liberty for the generations to come.

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