Find my father

Find my father

1 December 2019
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Searching for my father
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Started by Salman Khan

I am salman khan my father Rahim Khan age 52 is missing since 16th nov ..

Getting no clue where is he how is he no idea

He is disabled with left leg his left is straight he cannot bend  his leg.

He was wearing a T-shirt( green with horizontal black striped) and a track pant ( blue)

Vill - Alipur Basti

Number - 8011541004/8011288393/9435627379/7005612945

Any information about him please ��� do help finding him.

On that he said he is going nearby then he didn't return back 

We are two brothers we both study at different place. My mom  and dad used to stay but now it's really difficult. Really in need of help ���

We lost our grandma on 22nd oct may be he was distributed about the lost ..

But i and my family really need help

Please help

Please help to bring him back home


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Signatures: 319Next Goal: 500
Support now

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