Stop Housing at EPCAL

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Few people in Riverhead realize that the Town Board has made it possible to build housing at EPCAL.

In 2016, the Council adopted a new Reuse and Revitalization Plan for EPCAL and subsequently adopted new zoning for land use called Planned Development Zoning (PD). The newly adopted zoning allows construction of housing at EPCAL, units that could be built in support of a “principal use”. * The broad, murky definition of “principal use” permits an uncapped number of homes to be constructed at the EPCAL site. These homes will increase property taxes.

There was no serious public debate or consultation about this dramatic and potentially irreversible change.

Join us to say NO to Housing anywhere at EPCAL.

Planned Development Zoning must be amended to delete Supportive Use No. 1* and any other related language so housing is never an option.

Any contract for sale of land at EPCAL must explicitly forbid construction of housing now or in the future.

      * Section 301-341 B. (1)