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Get EA Sports' NHL section to make key adjustments to NHL 18 on gameplay and connectivity.

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As we all know, EA released NHL 18 claiming it would be the pinnacle of the NHL gaming franchise with vastly improved gameplay etc. 

As usual the game cost the average customer just shy of $100 to order. Given the sheer volume of problems with the online gameplay let alone the shocking connectivity issues that users experience on an hourly basis from the EA servers, is it really fair to claim that the game itself is a finished product and worthy of the price tag it commanded?

As a long term customer and gamer I'd argue that previous issues of the game (namely 14 and 15) had far more realistic, compelling and enjoyable gameplay than the newer generations (16-18). The gameplay, programming and connectivity issues have been growing more and more prevalent as time has advanced. 

Frankly, EA banning cheats is one thing but in order to have people appreciate that effort, it can't just be the coin sellers being banned. It needs to be the glitchers, IP booters, lag switchers and the win boosters who are permanently banned.

Servers need a major upgrade to cope with the demands of the game itself.

 Gameplay needs a major overhaul in terms of the sheer volume of glitches around faceoff looping, goals being wiped out, clocks being randomly reset mid game, the incredible ease of people being able to boot people offline and more.

This all needs sorting because frankly we are all sick of the nonchalant attitude of EA towards providing a quality product instead of a half arsed attempt that's considered "good enough".

Let's get this signed and make EA realise just how unsatisfied we are as a community!

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