Reinstate Denise Bennett

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Michael Huffstutler
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Denise is a highly respected and celebrated professor at UI and has worked there teaching, guiding, advising, and mentoring students since 2006.

Not long after a confrontation regarding the mishandling of her grant funding, University of Idaho associate professor Denise Bennett was put on administrative leave without any indication regarding the duration.

Denise had sent a heated email to many university administrators regarding an issue with one of her many grants she has writ (it is an expectation for faculty to bring funds into the university via grants); in that email she used profanity to punctuate her frustrations - something many of us have done before.

On Thursday, Denise received a phone call from Sean Quinlan, the interim dean of the College of Letters, Arts, and Social Sciences where she was told that there were multiple instances of her cursing in emails and that this was unacceptable.  Following the conversation, Quinlan contacted legal counsel for the university and was granted permission to place her on administrative leave.

The university does not have a policy on profanity or obscene language according to Jodi Walker, the UI communications director.

We are calling for Denise to be reinstated immediately as this forced leave is both unfounded, and is an immense disservice to students, the university community, and the community as a whole.