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Raise awareness for human trafficking because everyone is vulnerable

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Monday, March 20, 2017

9:57 AM

What is the issue? Why is this a problem? Who is affected? Thousands of men and woman and children are in the hands of traffickers
Almost every country in the world is effected by trafficking
Anyone can be effected by human trafficking no matter race gender or age
People forced to work in horrible conditions
Its illegal everywhere but it is almost everywhere
People who are traffickers are people who bribe people with money and say they are hiring for jobs

What’s the history?
Human trafficking is not a new problem
Slavery has been around for hundreds of years Human trafficking is modern day slavery also some historical examples

First European Slave trade
Late 1700s American triangle trade
6800 - Mesopotamia uses slavery for goods and soldiers for superiority over others
1940s- African-Americans held in peonage stops
2000 - Nepal makes all forms of slavery illegal

Plus Human trafficking is a $32 Billion a year industry. That's $7 billion dollars more than McDonalds made last year.

also 20% are children

Finally there are many, many forms of slavery - debt bondage (putting people in an endless debt and making them "work" it off), contract slavery (people signing a fake contract that makes them property of the trafficker), sex bondage (when both children and adults are forced into performing sexual acts, regardless of consent), forced marriage, servitude (people like maids forced to work at their employer's houses and stay there, and paid miniscule amounts), child labor (children forced to work in pornography, prostitution, children working difficult jobs in farms and in mines.

so Mr. Mahoney get this to the secretary of education    

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