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Create a 'Licence' for authentic and safe working Vehicle Mechanics

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My aim is to put an end to poor workmanship on public vehicles.

Every day, millions of people use their car or van to commute, transport items, even take the kids to school... Should a 'repair' be done to one of these vehicles in such a way that is completely unlogical and unsafe, you will find this vehicle will turn from the safe transportation of your children, or even just yourself, to a lethal projectile, possibly injuring or even killing a number of people.

I have seen many repairs carried out, previous to the vehicle coming into my possession, that are not only unsafe but are downright an insult to myself and other mechanics who have trained for many years to become the person who would want you to put your faith and trust in them to repair your car.

I am calling for a 'Licence'. This licence is similar to something a gas engineer would have... It proves that they have gained part or full qualifications in their line of work, and also have a number of years full time experience doing this job. This can be a licence for the 'company' rather than the individual if required, due to having less experienced mechanics or even apprentices employed by them. However, it is the responsibility of the owner to ensure high standards are kept at all times for 100% safety target.

This wont affect private individuals who want to fix their own car as it would be impossible to police this, however, this needs to be pushed onto garages, mobile services, and any other 'business' who carry out repairs or servicing to road vehicles, and claim they are a professional in the trade, yet lack the proper experience, qualifications and respect that the job deserves. Should they not be able to provide evidence of qualifications or proven experience, they should not be allowed to carry out automotive repairs until they have gained these. This is for the safety of the public, and should businesses disagree with this, then they should not be allowed to repair these potential 'weapons'.

Similar to MOT stations, the licence will have a points scoring system. Based on feedback from customers, should a customer report a problem and it results in the previous work being found to be below standard workmanship, points will be accrued depending on the severity of the situation. And after a number of points, disqualification from running a car repair business will result.

MOT's only pickup on certain faults IF FOUND on the test - some things cannot be seen on the test, therefore could be missed. And bear in mind this is only once a year! So we can no longer rely solely on the MOT to stop this dangerous activity from continuing.


PLEASE, help sign this petition!

To all those members of the public - this is your lives we are talking about and possibly your family and friends too... A repair might seem cheap down at your local 'garage', but cheap repairs can possibly bring cheap workmanship. A licence will ensure that even if they are cheap, they are fully skilled at what they do best!

And to all those mechanics - If you agree with me, you will help fight these people who think that they can fit used safety items, or modify them to fit for a quick buck, or hold something vital together with a cable tie... you get the idea - you've probably seen it before as well!


This petition may not succeed, but for the sake of my kids, my family and my friends, i am going to try my best. 

Thank you


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