End the sale of eggs from caged hens in Morrison's and Asda

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Two out of the four major British supermarkets, Morrisons and Asda, still intend to sell eggs from caged hens without any obvious intent to change. 

The fact that Tesco, the biggest supermarket in Britain, have decided to stop selling caged hens’ eggs is proof that no matter how big the company, or how demanding the supply chain, the prospect of a free-range future is not impossible. Customer choice isn't only about what people want to see sold in supermarkets, it is equally about what customers do not want to see available. I know people worry about cost but the supermarkets can & must provide for people and families who require lower cost options by reaching a compromise that means products are affordable as well as sourced from a free range environment.

Caged hens spend 72 weeks cramped in restrictive cages, unable to spread their wings or experience the outside world. After this time, many of the hens are barely feathered and in poor condition. The space available per hen is marginally larger than an A4 sheet of paper. Hens require more than the bare minimum commercial cages provide. They need space to roam, experience the outside world and show natural behaviour in a natural environment. The fact that hens can lay eggs which provide significant income for supermarkets, doesn’t justify forcing them into a life restricted to a cage. No animal deserves to live like this.

The Tesco petition, proved that power is in the hands of us, the consumers and the customers of these stores. I believe that if enough people support this campaign, it is Asda and Morrisons responsibility to respond and reassess the eggs they sell. Please sign this petition and join a movement towards freedom for hens. Thank you, Lucy

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