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Stop Sexist Ultra Tune Ads

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In Australia, Ultra Tune have made several commercials to advertise their business in a completely incorrect way. Their sexist ads depict typically attractive women who in each different commercial get themselves into car trouble such as getting stuck over a cliff and getting stuck in the car wash. Ultra Tune workmen proceed to lift the damsels to safety.

You can see one of these commercials here.

The women are portrayed in an extremely negative light, their lifestyles acting as a way to show why their driving skills are so bad. Phone chargers fill their car and the ditsy act is heavily played up. This not only demeans any woman on the road in general, but also suggests that women who value their appearance and enjoy 21st century lifestyles are something to be made fun of.

Ultra Tune have also continued their poor attempt at humor to advertise their tires, by using the slogan "into rubber?" and sporting the same two women in skin tight cat suits standing beside the tires. This is not an old advert, it's their recent 2016 January ad which comes across as more of an erotic and demeaning video than a professional marketing technique. The still shots of this video are also Ultra Tune's cover photo on Facebook, a petty way of drawing in views.

Ultra Tune "January 2016 Nexen" Advert

Women need to be respected no matter what their profession or lifestyle, and whether or not the lifestyle pictured in the advertisements agrees with everyone or not, there is absolutely no reason for it to be dragged into the spotlight and get demeaned like this. The mere portrayal of these 'helpless' women would likely make majority of women uncomfortable with contacting Ultra Tune for car service, and I can't see how these advertisements would at the very least draw women customers in to use the business, thus closing the business's customers to only 50% of Australia's population, if we don't account for husbands, fathers, and friends who are against this portrayal of females as well.

Sean Buckley, the Executive Chairman at Ultra Tune has already been under fire for these commercials, yet they continue to be aired on TV, particularly during morning TV which has caused some complaint among parents.

By getting these sexist and plain uncreative ads off television and putting a stop to Ultra Tune's current way of advertising, we can move forward into the equal and accepting period of time that our society is aiming for, and ensure that women can feel comfortable with any car service, hopefully including Ultra Tune in the near future.

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