Seal Williamsdale Road Campaign

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Williamsdale Road is a 10km long road that runs in an easterly direction off the Monaro Highway through Williamsdale and the Burra Valley where it meets and ends at the Burra Road. The road currently has three bitumen sections that amount to almost half of its length. The two non-bitumen sections are graded about three or four times a year by Queanbeyan Palerang Regional Council.

Unfortunately the road deteriorates very quickly after grading with severe corrugations and loose stones/rocks surfacing along both sections. Not surprisingly, we regularly see vehicles that have rolled over as a consequence of the condition of the road or vehicles that have sustained damage to their vehicles including cracked windscreens, tyre or suspension damage.  The road also provides an alternate  route for residents and travellers during closures of the Monaro Highway due to fatalities and provides an important alternate route of escape during bushfires or flooding.

It is imperative that Williamsdale Road be tar-sealed for the safety of those using it, particularly the young and those inexperienced in driving on dirt roads.  It would be dreadful to think that it will take the death of a young person or an elderly driver driving on Williamsdale Road to occur before the Council or government representatives take any action on this matter.