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seal clubbing in Canada: stop clubbing helpless baby seals in canada

98 percent of seals killed are under three months of age. These heartless seal clubbers are killing them just for their fur and selling it. Stop buying seal fur, Canadian seafood, and please sign this petition to make a difference in Canada. Buying seafood from Canada helps to fund this clubbing, which is done by average fishermen looking for extra cash. By removing these seals, it also decreases the population of Cod fish in Canada, because seals eat the predators of these fish. Please, boycott this madness by not eating at restaurants that support the hunt. One of these restaurants are Red Lobster.

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Letter to
The Canadian Government
seal clubbers in Canada
Please stop this madness, seal clubbers. How would you like it if your child was taken from you and brutally murdered with clubs? That would not be too great, would it? Now just imagine how the innocent parents of these poor baby seals feel. There are many better ways to make money. Please stop clubbing baby seals, because they, like us, are living, breathing, beings.