Make the BOP responsible for providing inmates with proper care and products.

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Jade Keathley
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The men in this facility have not been able to have visits since this pandemic started months ago. They were trying to keep the virus out and they did, up until this past month. This would only mean that the virus was brought into the facility by an employee. Since then the living conditions are unacceptable to a human life. They have no access to hygiene products, poor meals, not able to even wash their laundry. They are not being supplied with products to clean and sanitize. They have been put in living area's with no AC in this 100°+ heat, most have symptoms but, have yet to be tested they just get moved around. When you call to inquire what is being done to screen employees the answer is " We can not discuss that with anyone." They direct you to file a complaint on the BOP website but, they don't respond. These men are someone's father,  son, brother, and husband they are there yes to pay the time for the crime but, they are still human. This is a human life that is worth at the least the bare necessities. These men should not be subjected to these conditions during a crucial time such as the current pandemic. There should be no reason you move people to an area that is not fit for any human to "live" in. Please sign this petition so that there is light shed on this issue and they start to treat these inmates as any human should be treated especially during a time like this. MAKE THE BOP RESPONSIBLE for the way these men are being treated and the living conditions they are being subjected to are corrected. We DEMAND THAT OUR LOVED ONE'S ARE TREATED JUST AS THE BOP WOULD EXPECT THEIR FAMILY MEMBERS TO BE TREATED.