Petitioning Chief Executive Officer(CEO) of Seaworld Jim Atchison

Sea World: Stop using animals for entertainment, and rehabilitate the Orcas that can be released for freedom.

This is very inhumane. Killer Whales swim over a hundred miles in the wild and now they are being forced into tiny pools. That's like a human stuffed in a telephone box for life. There are no readings of killer whales doing any harm in the wild to humans, but many attacks due to captivity. This is very cruel to the animal, many are dying, and it needs to stop. The same applies for dolphins, penguins, sea turtles, everything. Watch the black fish trailer(a very interesting looking movie) at . The whales also have colapsed dorsal fins. Here is a picture of a dosral fin in the wild which is tall and straight the one at the top of this page is very collapsed.

this is a very detailed article about why aquariums just will not work at all


An orca named tilikum had killed three people due to captivity. None of this was tilikum's fault. He has fathered more than half the calves at Seaworld and is ignored, beaten up by the females and left in a secluded med tank at the back of the stadium by himself for 90% of the day. Tilikum is the definition of a depressed animal. More than anything he deserves better than Seaworld.

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Orcas are very social animals and in the wild they always travel toghetor in pods. An orca is devistated when they taken away from it's family because in the wild an orca lives with it's familly forever. It really is not fair for these intelligent creatures to be taken from their homes, where they deserve to live and thrive. The same applies to dolphins.

One way to help this slow down to a stop is to boycott seaworld, and most importantly, spread the word. Please share the link to this petition on your social media sites to help this inhumane killing come to an end.


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Please, let us put these horrible shows to stop, so that animals can stay and thrive in their natural environment

Letter to
Chief Executive Officer(CEO) of Seaworld Jim Atchison
There are two types of animal lovers. Those who like to pet and touch them and those who would rather see them thrive in their natural habitat. Those who would rather see them in the wild love the more. --Edwan Way Teale. Lots of the killer whales brought to Sea World were deprived of their vast swimming space, there families, and there home. Then they were stuffed into a pool that was to them, a bathtub, So here they are, killer whales, living in a bathtub and forced to do circus tricks. Many of us believe that these creatures would be better off in their natural environment. They would live and thrive there better, and your name would be less hated by people. Also, you would have way less incidents because all of them regarding animals would be gone. Everybody benefits. Please put an end to these inhumane shows, and to stop breeding in captivity. It would also be better to give these animals a more ocean like habitat while you have them. Please move the Orcas that can be free'd to sea-pens where they can adjust to their natural environment, and be rehabilitated and free'd.

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