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Sea Isle Marina: Discontinue "Mark The Shark" from using your marina.

"Mark The Shark" is a well known South Florida fisherman who brutally and unnecessarily murders sharks, most of which are protected. He has been contacted numerous times over the years about his ludicrous actions but has no intention to stop. Most sharks are a protected species, and are well known to be endangered. They have a slow reproduction rate and at the speed they're getting killed they cannot bounce back. We ask for Sea Isle Marina to discontinue their aiding in this horrific slaughter of sharks. By allowing "Mark The Shark" to dock his boat 'Striker 1' at their marina, they are allowing the further catching and senseless killing of these magnificent and very important creatures. Please, separate yourselves as a respectable marina and do not allow the further killing of such important animals. Think about collaborating with specific movements, such as Shark Free Marinas over at

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