Give students the choice of grades

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Grades matter. In reaction to the current pandemic, the superintendent of the San Dieguito Union High School District recently decided to suppress grades and only allow credit/no credit for their spring semester. However, not all district schools are going without grades. This creates great inequity by taking away the choice to receive grades for many, but not all students. Who does this hurt? It hurts the high-performing students at La Costa Canyon high school (LCC, the Mavericks), as well as Torrey Pines high school. I am an incoming freshman and this is clearly not fair. Students should be given the choice.

Colleges and employers rely on grades as an indicator of success. Other school districts are allowing the choice of credit/no credit OR hold harmless grades, while at LCC student GPA's may forever be handicapped by fewer graded classes. At least give us a choice! Even within our district, grade inequity exists. Due to differences in class structure, students from SDA and CCA are being provided spring semester grades while students at LCC and Torrey Pines are not.

This is simply not fair, but easily resolved. Give all our students a choice to accept a grade or take credit/no credit. Who knows how long the pandemic will be affecting us, and whether this policy will be continued into the fall semester. As a student entering LCC this fall, please give me a level playing field, not just with other high schools within the district, but also with schools across the state and country. College applications are just around the corner!

Stop the Maverick inequality! Please sign our petition to request the SDUHSD school board vote to overturn the decision made by our superintendent to force the use of credit/no credit on half the district high schools by not allowing the choice of hold harmless grades. It is not right and it is not equitable. Give us the choice of grades! Thank you.