Allow students a choice between grades and credit/no credit.

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SDUHSD has decided it is better for all students to receive credit/no credit grades instead of the grades students earn during Distance Learning. This will impact all student’s GPA, takes away any weighted grades from AP classes and a high GPA from juniors in their most looked at semester for college admittance.

Think about AP or student with a high GPA earn an A in a class will get a “credit,” which is the same that a student just trying to slide by with a 60% earning themself the same “credit” that a high grade or weighted AP student earns. This is teaching students that they no longer need to work hard for their grades as they can slide by with a “credit” as well as showing the students pushing themselves, staying up late at night studying and earning a good grade, that you don’t care about their hard work. 

Meanwhile districts such as San Francisco and Los Angeles are simply giving all students an A (whether or not it’s earned). SDUHSD “credit” students will be competing with these “A“ students for colleges. Although we have heard California colleges are changing their policies, we have heard nothing about out of state colleges allowing “credit” to count.

Across the board every district has the right to choose their grading policy and we are asking our school district to allow the students to choose grades or credit/no credit to keep things fair and for students to feel they aren’t being punished for getting good grades and for taking AP classes.