SDSU must refund students for abysmal conditions in Aztec Corner Apartments

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Bailey stillwell
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San Diego State is charging each student $1500 a month to live in it’s on campus housing apartment complex, Aztec Corner. These students are forced to live on campus for a second year and have no say on where they are placed to live. Students who were unlucky enough to be placed in Aztec Corner are subject to horrible conditions and little to no help from the school/front office. This is completely unacceptable. 

Students living in Aztec Corner have faced termite infestations, power outages, black mold in the air vents and lighting fixtures, overflowing sinks, drains, and showers, as well as terrible water pressure, flooding, faulty appliances, poor to no WiFi connection, terrible response time from both maintenance and the front office, washing machines that don’t wash clothes, dryers that don’t dry clothes, broken thermostats, faulty air conditioning and heating, along with near constant instances of the WiFi ceasing to work. Aztec Corner even had the overhead lights taken out in each room in an obvious money grabbing attempt to save a few bucks at our expense. With each of these terrible occurrences, the front office and the maintenance crew have taken days to even weeks to respond to and fix the problem. The fact that we are paying $1.5k A MONTH to live in these conditions is utterly ridiculous. 

Just two years ago students payed just 700 dollars a month to live in this same apartment complex. I am demanding that either the monthly rent is lowered or we are reimbursed for some of the rent we have paid to live in these downright god awful conditions. The school should be held directly responsible for forcing students to live in this squalor with no say in the matter. 

Four students per 2 bedroom apartment pay more than $6k per month for these poor conditions. This is a sign of corporate greed that has now made its way into our state institutional scholastic system. What’s next???”