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 This past school year the Wellness Center administration has been making numerous changes with the facility (rock wall included). Sadly, many rock wall employees haven’t been supporters of these changes. We were approved for a campus board, but once we started building it, we were instructed to take it down. We lost our rock rings for a semester, because the beams that hold up the entire indoor track couldn’t hold a 200 pound person for some apparent reason. We lost our blue chairs, which we used to sit in, and now have to sit on hard uncomfortable benches. And now, I am frustrated, because the one event that the Rock Climbing Club runs is being overly micro-managed.

Many club members have worked hard unpaid hours to put this year’s climbing competition, the Spring Cling, together. The event has so many details ranging from t-shirt designs and registration forms, to posters and tedious hours of route setting. As a rock climbing event, the rock climbing club is responsible to take care of these details and forwarding them on to the Wellness Center administration for approval since the WC is where we are hosting the event. Along with our previously used and simply formatted registration form being rejected, our competition poster was rejected as well. The reason you ask? The font, being all-caps, was “hard to read”. The administration then decided to make the poster them selves and is trying to force us to use it. 

So, all in all, this petition we have created is not all about the poster. It is about the nit-picky problems that have accumulated this year, and the rock wall employees and regular climbing wall goers are sick of it. It is about time we stood up for ourselves and would appreciate if you would join in as well. Please sign our petition! Feel free to comment your opinions on it as well and share the link to any or all ways possible. 

Thank you tons!

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