Puppy who's leg got ridden by a biker needs surgery

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yesterday some locals took a puppy to the shelter who's legs got severely damaged,when we asked for the reason behind this they said that the puppy was overridden by a biker in his limbs and that is the reason behind his injury but when we asked for the details of the sick biker who did this there is no answer with the locals that he is new to this locality but there are cc footages of the rider passing a nearby dhaba with that footage our volunteers trying to find him on the other side the outer layer of the pups limb got completely torn and there are multiple fractures in his limbs with the help of the radiology report we had found 7 minute fractures in his limb and decided to operate to fix it but the only thing we are worried about is the infection because his wounds were uncovered or cleaned for the past two days and surely he got infected, the surgery and post surgery care would cost 5k  and we are planning to have it on Wednesday,so please sign,share and consider to Donatehttps://www.paypal.me/streetdogshelter1 and help us save his legs and also in identifying the biker who did this