Innocent dog tied up with a pipe and left starving,Lets help him recover

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Dolly survived only on water, stale bread and his owner an old, retired electrician who found no use for the dog they gave him as a companion. so he did the unthinkable… he walked with little puppy Dolly to the back of the house, out of sight, and chained him to a lonely steel pipe.Dolly survived there for 3 years but now his condition is getting worse he is now starving,emaciated and maggots all over his face, on seeing his horrible condition James his neighbor reported us about this We sent someone to speak to the owner,the cruel thing is he was not aware of what he is doing to him,after 2 hours of argument with him we finally got permission letter from him to take him with us to the shelter,poor dolly was completely traumatized as we the only humans touched him after 3 years he was afraid but came with us now Dolly was with us and we are planning a 14 week diet for him to get him normal and before that we are going to have a full medical examination as there are some yellow stains on his eyes and tongue and treatment for maggots.the medical examination would cost $900 and it should be done within 3 days before we start plan the diet program,he trusted us when he came with us and we trust humanity on our job on saving the voiceless so let's join together and raise voice against animal cruelty and stand for the voiceless so please sign,