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Regulation needed for Sober Living Homes/Drug Detox Centers in residential neighborhoods.

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We are a group of concerned citizens representing the Southeastern Division neighborhoods in San Diego who want the current group homes and treatment facilities (including sober living homes, drug detox houses, rehabilitation clinics, intensive outpatient treatment facilities and boarding houses) to be reviewed of proper permits to operate in residential zones and regulation to be reviewed due to community outrage. 

The neighborhood residents of Oak Park and surrounding areas have witnessed an increase of petty theft, vandalism, loitering and increased police presence due to disturbances to the public. Parents do not feel comfortable allowing their children to walk or play alone in their front yards, homeowners are increasingly installing video surveillance due to theft, residents are continually taking pictures of suspicious persons for fear they may be attacked or robbed. 

We feel this is due to a decline of care givers present at the group homes and treatment facilities who regulate their tenants, continue a level of standard and not allowing a revolving door for tenants. The owners of said group homes and treatment facilities are not closely monitoring who is sleeping at the residence on a regular basis or nightly, creating a safe environment for the tenants or surround neighbors. There is not a regular time schedule of when they show up for substance testing or well checks.

As well, the owners of these facilities do not seem to be concerned with the increase of families who have moved into the neighborhood or long standing residents who have seen a steady increase of problems associated with their tenants. We demand, in light of changing demographics and increased owner occupancy of the Southeastern Division neighborhoods, that these group homes and treatment facilities no longer be allowed to operate; we ask that if these business are allowed, that regulations should be changed to have 24 staff on site, and to be held accountable for the standard of living for the tenants and surrounding neighborhood.

Action at the SDPD and City Level, to start, is crucial and imperative. We ask for acknowledgement and imminence in regard to our concerns. We are asking for more zoning control and supervision of these businesses. It is imperative the SDPD and legislatures take action in regard to closing the existing loopholes that allow these group homes and treatment facilities to operate independently of local zoning ordinances under the pretext of being like minded households from the type of regulation required of all other types of community care, health and boarding facilities. 

I am a 80% of the year single parent with 2 small children, my husband travels often for work for long stretches at a time. The other night an erratic man was terrorizing my neighborhood, he was screaming obscenities, continually ringing my door bell and proceeded to loiter in my front yard burning paper. I feel fortunate that my husband was in town this night even if still at work. I called my husband to let him know he needed to come home and I called the police. I was fearful this man would try to get into my house by breaking a window, try jumping into my back yard or possibly try to start fire to my house. This was a seriously scary event for me, and I am not allowing this to happen again to me and my home. After speaking with my neighbors, we all had the same complaints regarding these group homes and treatment facilities. We are asking you to sign this petition so that we can all feel safer in our homes. We want to have a safer neighborhood for our young and old residents. These irresponsible business owners will no longer make us feel fearful in our own homes or neighborhood. 

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