Reinstate Emmanuel Caffertys job @ SDGE

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On June 3rd, Emmanuel Cafferty was falsely accused of displaying a white power hand gesture via social media. Emmanuel had his arm extending out his window and was merely stretching his fingers unaware of any such hand gesture. This resulted in a wrongful termination on June 8th by his employer SDGE. Since these events the accuser, who had made the original post, has repudiated his position and deleted his account, claiming he never intended for Emmanuel to lose his job. Regardless, the damage has already been done. An innocent man has lost his job and the ability to provide for his family. Moreover, his character has been questioned in such uneasy times.
As a hard working man, this was not only losing a job but a lost opportunity in securing his future and providing for his family.

Emmanuel Cafferty was very thankful and excited to be working for a company whom he thought valued their employees, making this all the more difficult to accept. He is a proud Hispanic, San Diego native with a racially diverse family, including daughters of Laos, Italian, and Sioux descent. Furthermore, he has no history of any racist, or otherwise discriminatory, behavior or accusations. Had SDG&E done their due diligence, as they claim, it would've been evident that he is NOT a white supremacist.

We are asking that SDGE do the right thing and give Emmanuel Cafferty his job back and clear his name.

*As of June 28th we have not received a response from SDG&E. Instead of contributing to share the petition, we would like to share the GoFundMe for Emmanuel Caffertys Legal Fee's.

Thank You All!