Change the SD41 Snow Day Policy

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Hello, Friends and Family of the Community.

I will speak on behalf of the Students and Parents of the Community.

The Burnaby School District, known as SD41, has a very rigid weather policy.

"All Schools will remain OPEN, unless there is heavy snowfall, damage, or other circumstances (e.g Power Outage) that make it impossible to operate safely."

But there is a problem.

The School District does not follow their own rules. Last semester, there was a power outage for two days. and we were required to come to class. This directly contradicts their own policies.

Recently, the sd41 Student Body had created a petition to have snow days.

We got one. Even though the weather stayed the same.

This is not acceptable. SD41 Claims that "Safety is their #1 Policy" But how do we trust them when they can't follow their own rules?

We need everyone in the community to rise against these injustices.

I hope you agree.