No school the day after Halloween for all SD27J schools

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All sd27j schools should not have school the day after Halloween. Kids are out late and don’t wanna worry about having to wake up early the next morning for school. Tons of kids don't get the experience of a real Halloween because they have to end the night off early to get the sleep they need. If you don’t go to sleep early and enjoy your Halloween then you have consequences the next morning of being tired and barely being able to get up. 

If you change it to where there is no school the day after kids and teens can go out to parties or get candy trick or treating without worrying about waking up early the next morning. Halloween can be really exciting if you are able to get the full experience. Too many people don’t go out because they worry about the next day of having to go to school. 

The only people who can change this is the sd27j school district. Sign this petition and get it to 1,500 supporters so we can get the day after Halloween off.