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Hi, My name is Jazmine Ozdaglar and I'm 17 years old. I'm supposed to graduate with my class at John F Kennedy high school (Sacramento, CA) this Wednesday. Unfortunately , at the last minute I was told I couldn't because my grade was 1% away from passing my AP Government class. I am a B student and I've been accepted to Sacramento state, where I will be attending this fall. I don't need this class for Sac State but I need it to graduate high school. My teacher had me make up FRQS ( Free Response Question essay)( that I did poorly on) to help fix my grade. I struggled and it still wasn't enough. I've never even missed an assignment in this class! I'd also like to mention I battle mental illness and my teacher is aware of this. In fact I spent two weeks in the hospital for my mental illness. During those two weeks were AP testing sign ups. I couldn't sign up because I was in the hospital so I had to take the final. Which is the hardest test I've ever taken in my life :(. All I want is to walk the stage this Wednesday. I've dreamed of this day since I was a little kid and to have it ripped away from me hurts so much. My family and coworkers took the time off work to come see me graduate. I've personally spent over $400 preparing for graduation and my family has spent nearly the same! To have all this money go down the drain over one little class would be so awful! I'm hoping by getting enough signatures on this petitions to sway my AP government teacher into passing me. Please share this and help me!!

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