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Scurry County Sheriff Trey Wilson "Convene a Grand Jury and Release Hailey's Remains"

Hailey Dunn is a 13-year-old West Texas cheerleader who went missing from her home on December 27, 2010 in Colorado City, Texas.  Hailey’s scattered remains were found less than 20 miles from her home at Lake J. B. Thomas in Snyder, Texas this past March 16, 2013.  There have not been any arrests, any viable suspects, or viable public persons of interest announced.  We are asking that Scurry County Sheriff Trey Wilson to please convene a Grand Jury to look at evidence if they do, in fact, have a viable suspect.  Hailey’s remains have been sitting in an evidence room since their discovery in March of 2013.  If Sheriff Wilson does not have the evidence or ability to convene a Grand Jury to look into Hailey’s case, we ask that Hailey’s remains be released to her mother and father, Billie Jean Dunn and Clint Dunn, so they can lay their precious daughter to rest.  The pain and agony of having to bury their daughter should not be compounded by knowing their child’s body lay on a shelf in a box.

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