Scraping of Grace Marks Policy - Class 12 (2016-17)

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Respected Sir/Madam,

I just read the news about CBSE scraping the moderation policy and declining to award grace marks to students w.e.f. 2017.

Sir, it is unfair for the board to decide on this subject and bring it to effect starting this year. I say that because, starting 2018 the CBSE would give question papers with uniformity in difficulty level maybe even the same question paper in India and abroad. However, this year i.e, 2017 the difficulty levels in all the sets and regions was different for all exams. It would be unfair to the students who have attempted a difficult set question paper.

The scraping of the policy would have been welcomed by the students if everyone in India and abroad had received the same question paper with the same difficulty level. But, since that has not been the case in CBSE board exams 2017 and there were different difficulty levels i.e. easy + straight forward, medium, hard + tricky, the decision to scrap the "Awarding Grace Marks" seems unfair and not in the favour of many students.

Also, sorry to say this but, such spur of the moment decisions should not be taken by the board as these decisions can influence a students whole life and affect it in the wrong way. Planning should be done in advance by the board, and the students informed in a timely manner. Last moment decisions and hasty decisions have for that matter have been known to ruin lives. CBSE also changed formats of many exams starting this year without informing the students and now this. If the students are informed well in advance then they prepare accordingly but due to lack of informing students at the right time (which is wrong of CBSE to do) the CBSE now decides to do THIS. A students life depends on the marks they get in class 12 as admissions in colleges depend on these marks.

CBSE should understand that what they are doing right now is toying with lives and careers of students by making hasty decisions. I am sorry for usage of strong language in the papragraphs above but someone had to speak the truth.

To my knowledge, no other board is adopting such a policy this year and so it would be unfair to bring this policy into effect this year.

Please award grace marks this year and scrap whatever policies you want w.e.f. Next year i.e. 2018.

I would thus, humbly request you to reconsider on this matter in favour of the students who are being wronged by scraping the policy w.e.f the year 2017.

Also, I would like to request that such type of policy decision should be Prospective Effect and all the concerned Students and Parents must know well about such type of Policies, in advance.

Thanking you.

Yours sincerely,
CBSE student.