SCOTUS: Uphold Roe V Wade, Allow Women to Choose

SCOTUS: Uphold Roe V Wade, Allow Women to Choose

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Why this petition matters

Started by Erin Donahue

An initial draft majority opinion written by Justice Samuel Alito was released the evening of May 2nd, 2022. With the overturning of Roe V Wade, abortion will become significantly more difficult for many women to access, particularly those with the highest need. 

Bear in mind, the cells obtained and grown in labs to support those with infertility struggles are not regulated to the same degree. Those can be terminated at day 14, a day much later than the final day women in many states may soon be faced with.

Further, the same people voting against a women's right to terminate a pregnancy are generally against programs that allow more available/accessible child care and social programs that support families with few resources. The decision on Roe V Wade is about controlling women, not caring for children.

Abortion will still happen. But women will be held criminally responsible, or will get unsafe and potentially deadly procedures. 

Whether you agree with the practice on a personal level or not is not the urgent question today. The question is whether you value the life of women you love and know more highly than the life potential of a collection of cells.

Do you support women's right to safely terminate their pregnancies according to their wishes, not the religious or personal whims of the people who have declared they will preside, unbiased, over cases concerning the laws of the United States of America? Please sign.

  • Donate to abortion care funds in states that would likely become abortion-restrictive here
  • Do you know anyone who will be impacted by an overturning of this decision? There is advance provision abortion medication available here!
  • Contact your senate representatives and encourage them to codify Roe v Wade (or a form of abortion rights) here.
18,825 have signed. Let’s get to 25,000!