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New Harmonians Petition to Keep Town Marshal

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New Harmony Town Marshal Scott Champlin did not want to comment on the letter from the town council, but he had plenty of people willing to speak on his behalf.

Walk from shop to shop in New Harmony and you will likely find a petition filled with signatures to save Scott Champlin's job as town marshal. Continue walking down the street and it won't be hard to find someone to speak highly of Champlin's character.

"If somebody's in trouble he helps them. If trouble goes on he gets in the middle of it," said Rex Morris.

"There's a lot of people in this town that care about Scotty," said Jim Haggard.

"Been very well please with the way Scott's been doing his job," said Charles Huck.

"He's genuinely a nice guy. Will do anything for you. Looks out for the town," said Chris Kissel.

Chris Kissel owns Chris' Pharmacy. Right next to the register is a petition to save Champlin's job and he has good reason for it. Kissel says his business has been broken into several times and every time Champlin has come up with an arrest.

"What I see of him he's top notch and I stand behind him 100%," said Kissel.

Kissel...and judging by the amount of signatures many more in New Harmony couldn't understand why Champlin's quality of work was being called into question.

"It was a shock. I thought, what? I had to ask are you talking about our Scott? Because I couldn't believe it," said Kissel.

"I'm just really surprised to see us having to go through this to save Scotty," said Haggard.

A man who wanted to remain unidentified says he read the list of grievances the town council sent to Champlin. One of them claiming Champlin's off duty security work was interfering with his marshal duties.

"I hear he's moonlighting. The only moonlighting I see him doing is when I come in town at night and he's always here keeping an eye on the town," said Haggard.

Town Council President Joe Straw would not comment on the letter sent to Champlin. However many around town have no problem commenting on Champlin or signing their names to vouch for his job.

"If they succeed and they bring someone else in, what's that going to be like? Is it going to be the same or is it going to be worse," said Kissel.

"Hope the town council takes to heart these petitions and all the signatures in town on them because nobody wants to see Scotty go," said Haggard.

Straw says Champlin will meet with the town council in an executive session, which is not open to the public, on August 21st.

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