Save Our Community Mural

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Mike Baum
Mike Baum signed this petition

The city is trying to make us take down our mural. We are defending it with Mike’s freedom! We painted this mural for our community and now Scottsdale threatens to close Dilla Libre and take away my freedom. 

Our mural is called “The Champs Live Here”. It is about overcoming adversity. When the going gets tough, never give up, because the winner in the end is the one that doesn’t quit.

This mural is dedicated to all of the people in Arizona who are fighting for freedom, survival, and equality. In times like these, this is a message that we all need to see.

But, Scottsdale is saying that we need to take it down because it does not meet city commercial building color code. Scottsdale building color code says that our building needs to be beige or some other desert color. 

Now, they are telling me that if the committee rules against us, we will be fined $2,500 per day that it is up and up to 60 days in jail for me (the owner). This ruling will put Dilla Libre out of business because we barely scraping by as it is with reduced operation due to COVIID and from the impact caused by Scottsdale road construction at our intersection last year.

Last year, we lost over $100,000 while the city tore up our intersection for 8 months. During that time the city refused to help us and the mayor told me that we “were an unfortunate casualty of progress”.  We didn’t give up then, and we won’t give up now. 

At the end of the day, We are all responsible for writing our own stories, and mine will not include a chapter where me and my friend paint a mural about overcoming adversity and then we paint beige over it because the City of Scottsdale threatened to ruin my life and close down my business. 

Please sign our petition so that I can show the committee that we have the support of the community when I defend our mural and my freedom later this summer. Our community deserves beauty, inspiration, art, and good food. Please don’t let The City of Scottsdale take this away.