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We are practising Catholics and saw the advertisement blasphemously using Our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, to sell organ donation.

Jesus Christ is sacred to us, as is Our Blessed Mother and St Joseph. We have the right to have protected what is sacred in our Catholic religion from those who use any means to justify their ends_in this case the unprecedented persecution and reduction of our God, His Holy Mother and St Joseph to objects of mere manipulation and ridicule. The ruthlessness and apparent enjoyment of that ruthlessness is not acceptable. Australians must remember that freedom consists not in doing what we like, but in having the right to do what we ought. We appeal to Australians of tolerance and civility to sign this appeal. 

We spoke to Michael Ritchie of the 'advertisement' company, Revolver, to no avail.  I encourage everyone to contact him on +61 2 9363 2122 to desist with this blasphemous advertisement. No one has the right to make us feel this way. We do not live in a meaningless Australia and civilisation must be worthy of the human being, be they Catholics or other.

We protest the blasphemous use of Our Lord's name, Jesus, and Our Blessed Mother and St Joseph, as well as the offensive imagery and names given to the product and advertisement. Multiple blasphemous and sexually deviant jokes and attacks are made against Jesus Christ, Our Blessed Mother and St Joseph, and the Catholic Church.

This is offensive to Catholics because it is a mockery of the spotless purity and integrity of Our Lord, our Blessed Mother, St Joseph and His Church.Even the use of Our Lord's name in this scandalous advertisement, greatly offends God and Catholics.

As an aside, reports of child sexual abuse by some ecclesiastics understandably provoke legitimate and healthy outrage. However, this outrage must be expressed carefully and sensibly, and not be translated into prejudical advertisement mocking and blaspheming Jesus Christ, Our Blessed Mother, St Joseph and Our Australian Catholic Church . There are hundreds of thousands of Catholics including consecrated in Australia, who have not sexually abused anyone and we must continually wear the abuse and harassment from media and other citizens given free writ to be prejudicial, mock and blaspheme us and our beloved Catholic Church, as we have no rights. Blasphemy is not an advertisement!

Would the 'advertisement' company mock Mohammed of the Islamic faith in an advertisement? I think not! But the Holy Roman Catholic Church, they attack.

We urge Attorney General Christian Porter to grant us our rights as he has done for others! We are Australian citizens too. We want our full Catholic teachings to heal this land, we are tired of the marginalisation. Some Australians assume dependence on God is a sign of human immaturity and an obstacle to human freedom. We respond saying that man seized and transformed by the way of Christian love (1 Cor 12.31) can bend the curve of Australia's history so that freedom's cause is advanced in Australia. 

We request the advertising company take down the commercial advertisement and apologize for having offended Catholics,  in addition to taking down the articles pertaining to the advertisement in question. 

One of the articles :