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Provide compensation to the local community and local businesses of Queen Margaret Drive to help alleviate the negative impacts of the six week road closure due to sewer repair works.

Queen Margaret Drive will be closed for a period of six weeks to allow sewer repair works to be carried out. Whilst we acknowledge and appreciate that these works are essential as local residents are affected by the current state of disrepair, very little notice and information has been provided to local businesses and residents to allow them to prepare for the inevitable negative impacts of the road closure. 

The last few years have seen the local community around Queen Margaret Drive flourish, with local businesses at the heart of this. The road closure will have a significant impact on levels of business and present numerous practical and operational difficulties for these businesses, the majority of which are small, independent companies without the financial resources to endure a prolonged period of diminished trading. There is also the very real possibility that valuable customer goodwill, which these businesses have worked hard to build up, will be lost.  It is therefore essential that financial compensation be forthcoming so that the future of these local businesses is not jeopardised.

Furthermore, the road closure will bring about considerable disruption for local residents who have also been provided with minimal information with regards to these works. It is therefore requested that the local community be compensated for this disruption by way of vital infrastructure improvements such as pavement repairs on Queen Margaret Drive.

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