SWP Committee reverse recent decision - support the Jr. Boys squad development pathway

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We the signers of the petition request, by way of signing, that the Scottish Water Polo Committee reconsider their recent decision to prevent the Boys squad from entering competitions, leaving this for local clubs to undertake. There is no evidence that local clubs have the ability and the resources to do so. This will compromise the squad development pathway.

Brian Campbell has worked tirelessly ever since 2004 to bring the squad to the high standard at which it currently stands. He has taken over 50 trips abroad, every one helping our young people forge new memories, gain new skills and experience water polo at a level not possible in Scotland.

His squad fills an important space in the development pathway for players, allowing them to play and train internationally and develop the fitness and skillsets required to succeed at such a level. This squad allows Scotland’s best water polo players from around the country to train together, creating new friendships while improving players on every level – in both social and physical forms.

Brian has dedicated many years of his time to selflessly improving players performance, all the while supporting them. It allows players to get enough international practice so that when large competitions come about, they are ready.

The reason for the committee’s decision is unclear. The squad has brought nothing but success. Something that the individual clubs simply cannot manage.

If the change is brought about, the quality of water polo in Scotland will decrease, with players only able to experience the coaching available at their own clubs, as opposed to the superior level provided by Brian Campbell and the other coaches.

Clubs are barely staying atop their current duties, providing training and participating in the national league. To ask them to coordinate the many attendances completed by Brian would be too much. It just would not happen.

If these changes go ahead, the opportunities available to all squad members will be greatly reduced. A gap will be left in the development pathway, unfilled by clubs who cannot cope with the extra commitment.


Following a response from Scotland water polo, I can confirm that although no funding is being withheld (as the squad is self-funded), they intend to block the squad from participating in the BWMF cup in Spain. This is an important competition to improve player’s skills and experience. The likelihood of local clubs being able to send teams to such competitions is very unlikely.