Repeal the 1707 Acts Of Union and declare Scottish independence.

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With the recently released 1974 McCrone Report, which was kept secret, it is clearly evident that the Westminster Parliament has breached it's role in the 1707 Acts Of Union, through fiscal irresponsibility, deliberate deceit to the Scottish Parliament, and an attitude of acting as an overlord to the Scottish people. It has sabotaged the Act by squandering monies created and funded by the Scottish Parliament, through it's people, wealthy resources and innovations, and subsequently re-directed said monies to benefit projects and industries primarily created in England. Westminster has also re-drawn the maritime border illegally in 1999 in order for Scotland to gain Scottish devolution in 1999. Repealing the Acts Of Union 1707 will allow Scotland to be fully Governed by the Scottish people, enabling full fiscal autonomy, and the maritime border to be rightfully re-drawn to its original position, enabling more oil and gas resources to be available for Scotland, and Scotland only.