Open non-utilised buildings for homeless across Glasgow and Scotland this winter time!

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The Homelessness etc (Scotland) Act 2003 introduced all those years ago by Labour and Lib Dems, was taken up by Alex Salmond in 2007, with the plan of eradicating homelessness by 2012. It is now 2018 and is nowhere near ended, in fact, homelessness is UP on previous years. SO WHAT IS BEING DONE??

This is a now a serious issue and needs dealt with, NOW. As we approach the cold stages of winter, this is now becoming something of a crisis. Years gone by have shown us, that lives can be lost. Yet, there is still nothing in place for those exposed to the elements. We often shout about workers rights, and tenants rights, but these people HAVE NO RIGHTS it would seem in the eyes of the Government and Councils in place!!

The homeless cannot get a job or benefits because they have no fixed abode to put in their applications. They cannot get any medical help because they again have no fixed address. So there are literally thousands of people across the UK who are not just homeless, but suffering from mental and physical health issues too. Living in complete pain, or living in a prison of their mind, with absolutely no help whatsoever.

We need case workers, Council workers, Ministers and ultimately Politicians, DOING MORE!!

There are bodies in place to deal with homelessness and many charities go a great way to helping individuals in need, but there is only so many places that can take these homeless individuals in. At winter time, many of these places are fully occupied and have no room for those who need it.

To that end, we request that unused (old or new), even derelict buildings (so long as they are safe) are opened up so that homeless people can sleep in them, and have a place to go when the charity run buildings are full.

We want results, that will save lives this winter!!

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Member of the Communist Party (Govan Branch) - pushing to promote the fundamental human rights of the socially excluded, and downtrodden.