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Modified Single Transferable Vote

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The Single Transferable Vote System is a good system but with a serious flaw. It is directly biased against smaller parties and against independent candidates.

In most cases, voters will vote for their own parties then vote for smaller candidates and independents, followed up with the opposing candidates for the parties they do not support (or not voting for them at all).

The STV system works by eliminating the person who got the least votes in the first transfer then distributing their votes to other candidates. Then the second last candidate etc.

This leads to a situation where local constituents will vote for their own party first, then smaller and independent candidates. As a consequence, many of the smaller candidates and indeed the independents will receive the 3rd and 4th preference votes. However, as a consequence of the elimination process, they get eliminated in transfer 1 or 2, meaning that the substantial votes they get, never get accounted to them and skip over them. Often resulting in lower ranked candidates in the transfers getting elected, simply because they happened to get more first preference votes. 

This is both undemocratic to the electorate and unfair to the smaller parties and independent candidates, especially considering that they do not have the resources or finances of the larger parties.

The solution to the problem is simple. To re-distribute all of the second, third, forth etc preference votes without eliminating anyone. Each candidate getting a seat as they cross the threshold. Those left at the end once all seats are filled are the ones who are eliminated.

A truly proportional system for the electorate and one which stops the larger parties having an unfair advantage. 


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