Do not allow mechanical kelp dredging in Scottish Waters.

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MSPs to vote on kelp dredging on Wed 21 November 2018

Dear All, 

On Wednesday MSPs will vote on whether kelp dredging should be allowed in Scotland.  If you live in Scotland please contact your MSPs and ask them to support Mark Ruskell and Claudia Beamish's amendment to the Crown Estate bill which would mean that seaweed can only be harvested as it is now.  If you don't live in Scotland you could contact Roseanna Cunningham @strathearnrose , our Cabinet Secretary for the Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform, because lets face it, we all lose out if a significant carbon sink is reduced. There is also Fiona Hyslop  @FionaHyslop the Cabinet Secretery for Tourism, you could let her know how you would feel about visiting a country that had so little regard for its environment and the will of communities that it would allow kelp dredging to go ahead.

Thank you,



Stop MechanicalKelp Dredging
3 years ago